Finances and buyout transactions

Financial, tax and legal structuring

In case of company buyouts, spin-offs and mergers the detailed planning of transactions is indispensible, just as the advisory work that integrates financial, tax and legal aspects. With extensive professional help the risks of company buyouts and other corporate transformations can be both limited and kept under close control. This way both the vendor and the buyer may find an optimal solution for financing the transaction, dealing with the arising tax effects and protecting their rights. Both our colleagues and our cooperating legal experts are ready to help you with their expertise.

Financial, legal and tax due diligence

We support the company buyouts of our clients with the professional services that aim at the optimal structuring of the transactions. Furthermore, we perform a review of the investment target based on tailored financial and tax analysis methods, and we reveal and analyse all the financial, legal and business risks regarding the transaction. Our method of analysis and report makes the risks of the transaction transparent to our clients, thus facilitating the decisions to manage and eliminate those risks.

Business planning

Our consultants are willing to develop annual or longer-term business plans. This also includes the preparation of financial and financing plans required for tenders or credit documents.

 Financial modelling, feasibility studies

We are ready to make customised feasibility studies, which are backed up by financial models, for the preparation of investments.

 Valuation of businesses and business units

We are prepared to support any business transaction, during which the value of the business, based on expected profitability by taking into account internal and external risk factors, would influence the transaction decision, its result, or the method of the transaction.  Business unit valuation may influence strategic decisions or may be needed at the setting up of internal transfer pricing of business concerns.

Data-room service

In the case of investment transactions not only the buyer, but the vendor might need consulting and professional support. Apart from the shaping of the financial and contractual system of the transaction, it is also an elemental interest of the vendor to provide transparent, organized and easily processable data- for the buyer. Our colleagues are ready to participate in the creation and, for the review-periods, the regulated maintenance and operation of such data-rooms.