Strategy and operation management

Developing corporate strategies 

The condition of long term sustainable operation or growth is that the management have a clear view of :

  • where the company should be in a specific time period within the given environmental and market conditions,
  • how the company is going to get there
  • what tools they need to achieve this.

We provide consulting services in developing overall cooperate strategies, business activity strategies as well as functional strategies including HR, marketing and finance.

Strategies maybe needed to substantiate the improvement of business operation of given lines of business.

Improvement of business efficiency

The goal of these projects is to establish a structure,  operation and business processes that support the strategic goals in the most efficient way. In line with these goals we analyse in-depth the autonomous and the overall operation of each division as well as the entire company and propose a detailed project on how to optimise and/or transform the operation of the organisation.

Tactics in depression

It is a serious task for companies to manage growth or the effects of economic downturn while effectively reacting to environmental changes. Today’s volatile economic environment requires companies to make quick and short term changes in their organisation or in their market behaviour along with long term strategic thinking. During these projects we map out solutions within a short timeframe that can be promptly implemented.  Although these prompt management solutions are necessary in the current environment, we always have to keep in mind to act in view of long term sustainability.

Project management services

In case clients do not have sufficient resources or in-house knowledge of project management but aim to carry out larger projects such as organisational restructuring, process rationalisation, managing or organising investments we will be glad to help you. These types of projects include the following tasks:

  • Definition of project goals
  • Working out tasks, smaller projects
  • Work processes, work flow and detailed workplan
  • Resource allocation
  • Result measurement
  • Project control, follow up

Flat rate hourly fee based management services

In case a client requires urgent support with ad hoc management issues, we can consult either over phone or at the client’s premises.  We discuss and analyse the problems that occurred and provide support in any area needed.