Appeal against tax authority decisions

We are able to help our clients’ authority issues starting from the preparation for tax authority reviews. We provide professional support during authority reviews, and in view of the expected tax authority statements and review notice we assist in the preparation for occurring legal redress procedures. Based on our comprehensive experience we are able to professionally contribute to the following procedures during the legal redress process:

  • comments on the review minutes issued by the authority
  • appealing against first instance decisions
  • challenging of second instance court decisions, if necessary, submitting a request for review by the Supreme Court, in which the legal representation is ensured by our lawyer partners
  • initiation of supervisory procedure against the final tax authority decision, and further appealing in case of an unfavourable outcome


Apart from following through and giving comprehensive professional support of specific legal disputes, we have extensive experience in challenging domestic tax statutes that violate constitutional law principles or EU derivatives at the Constitutional Court, European Commission or the European Court.