Taxation issues of employment

Numerous fields of employment raise complex taxation issues. Employees’ payroll calculation, the taxation optimization of their regular and bonus income may produce numerous tax risks. In the field of social security payment and personal income tax we are ready to provide general consulting, process-based or risk assessment reviews. We can also contribute to the company-level planning, optimization and administration of training, education and entertainment expenses. In the field of executive/management and employee benefits, ESOP and incentive programs and cafeteria systems we provide the following services to our clients:

  • review of existing general compensation and bonus systems
  • planning of effective compensation programs, contribution to the preparation of internal regulations,  introduction of the program, preparation of presentations and informants for the employees
  • special consultation about cafeteria systems, preparation of benefit-packages, their system-level planning and documentation
  • contribution to the introduction of cafeteria programs, preparation of internal regulations, informants for the employees
  • preparation of customised employee stock programs and other share programs from planning, through announcement and authorisation until both the preparation of internal documentations, regulations and informants, and the transaction/implementation of the program
  • detailed planning and implementation work in the field of executive stock- and share-plans

Apart from the above, with our specialized knowledge we are ready to support the planning and settlement of the tax issues of both local employees and of expatriate employees and employees with out-work contracts.